Plutohome, Asterisk and a X100P FXO Card

So I have been working on setting up a fully integrated home automation system available from If you are not aware, PlutoHome is home automation system available to the open source community with features to satisfy everyone from simple home controls, to advanced voip and media integration.

My latest venture into setting up a complete automation system is to integrate my voice network with the built-in Asterisk server installed with PlutoHome. The first step was to set up and configure two GrandStream Budget Tone 200 sip phones. Pluto’s plug and play detection picked up the phones as soon as I connected them to the network and installed the necessary software needed to work within the system. Some quick additional settings within each phone and I was able to make calls over my internal network from one phone to another.

The next step was to set up in and outbound calling from the PSTN.
I installed a X100P FXO card from and this is where the trouble started.

After installing the card into an available PCI slot, my PlutoHome system did not seem to detect it even after rebooting. I tried some of the common commands from a terminal window, but had no success.

The solution it turns out was to compile and install the Zaptel drivers available from Digium. For what ever reason, PlutoHome does not include (at least as far as I could see) full zaptel support.

After installing and configuring zaptel, I was able set up inbound and outbound calling over the PSTN from my PlutoHome system.

In a later post, I will describe the process I used to install the zaptel drivers.

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  1. Can you post the details of how you got the rest to work.

    I was able to install the drivers and modules. However I cannot seem to see any channels when I type CLI> zap show channels. However when I use CLI> zap show status; I can see my two X101P boards detected.

    I have edited /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf with a config that work in another disto … but still no channels.

  2. If you are using PlutoHome, I believe the default channel name/ID is “g0”.
    You can see this if you log into the AMP portal from your local pluto admin site.

    Make sure that your channel setting in zapata.conf also reflects the same identifier “g0”

    In my comfig, I actually changed both to just “0” for the channel (that’s number zero without quotes).

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