C# Windows application developed for delivering bulk email campaigns.

  • CAN-SPAM Act compliant
  • Supports list formats from Cision, Outlook, UPS and standard CSV files.
  • Error logging
  • Activity Logging
  • Built-in Do-Not-Mail and Unsubscribe functions.
  • Configurable user settings and per-message options for message personalization.
  • Multi-part support for plain text and HTML messages
  • WYSIWYG HTML Editor with HTML Source view/editing
  • Supports Web Email (Google, Yahoo, etc) or Locally Hosted Email
  • Support for SSL and Authentication

Read more about the Master Blaster Project.


Configurable ping and tracert logging utility / windows application written in C#. Used to monitor internet and network connection status and provide log info based on selected parameters.

After experiencing flaky internet connections with Verizon, and having talked with their phone support, it became clear that I needed to create an accurate history of connection problems and statistics to support my complaints. I created this application to monitor the internet connection and when failure or latency was detected, it automatically triggers a trace route and logs the results to a text file.

Read more about the PingRoute Project

Web Design and Development

Web site for Newman Communications.

Rattle Advertising (Demo)

Developed a website demo for Rattle Advertising as part of a client presentation. The site was built on top of WordPress using native galleries, custom theme, jQuery, Flash and CSS. (expired)

The Noise Pollution was a music blog. I was hired to create and design a web site that would connect with an community driven by music interest. Using a highly modified and customized wordpress blog template the site included recorded footage of live performances, recorded band and musician interviews, original photos and music news.

For this project, I designed and created the logo and graphics, including background images, social media graphic icons, and graphic links.

Custom coding includes integration with the owners Twitter stream, Facebook Page, Flickr Photo streams and direct YouTube Channel.