In The Beginning…

Well here it is. My first post to this blog. I just finished installing WordPress to my server after using Blogger for quite a while. Why the change? Well, I like having control over my own “stuff”. Don’t get me wrong. Blogger is a fine platform, but I prefer to have my things organized under the same roof and not have to manage a handful of different services across the web.

After searching for a new blogging solution, I looked at a number of different releases for both Windows/IIS and Linux/Apache platforms. I finally decided on WordPress for a number of reasons.

1. Support and stability – WordPress is a proven solution and has a large user base, which also means a lot of peer support.
2. Ease of use – It was easy to set up and ran on my server without any additional requirements.
3. Control – WordPress has built in controls for managing posts and comments, and they’re easy to use. I don’t have to fuss over design and (X)HTML if I don’t want to and still get a nice clean page. On the other hand, If I do want to get into altering page design and (X)HTML, I can do that to through the built-in CMS tools.
4. Organization – One of the features I like best is the categories. Categories allow me to organize posts into groups and categories/sub-categories making it easy to find the topics that interest you most.

All in all, The set up was actually pretty simple and I had a working blog in a matter of minutes. The next step is getting the layout and visual appeal to my liking.