Wikis and Web Sites and Apps, Oh My!

I know that I’ve been a bit off when it comes to writing for this blog and I could come up with a nember of legitimate excuses..but I won’t. I’ll give just one. Truth is, I’ve been having so much fun trying out new software, applications, web sites, and other geeky stuff that I just didn’t want to stop. It’s not for lack of subject the opposite. There has been to much subject matter.

  • Installing and testing different Wikis (by the way, I really like Deki Wiki so far)
  • Signing up for and poking about on different Social Media sites and web apps.
  • Trying out different OSS alternatives to Microsoft and Windows based software
  • Experimenting with Social Media in business
  • Even writing my own .Net twitter client for windows called TwitterPatter

Honestly, there is no good reason why I couldn’t just take some time to share what I discovered or learned over the past few weeks. I sort of feel like a kid being called home at the end of a long summer day and thinking “Aw, just a little longer…??”.