Good People Rock!

Life is goodOn April 2nd, Gary Vaynerchuk (blogtwitter) was hit with a double dose of motivation, posting not one, but 2 videos. His first was a Big Giant Internet Wide Global THANK YOU!! which got him thinking about doing the right thing and helping others and just being a good person. In his own words, “We need this message of doing good and helping others”. A lot of the conversations surrounding Social Media, the internet and life in general are about how to exploit it and turn a profit, Gossip, and conroversy. Does any of that really matter? Well, enough already! Gary has made an official call to action to spend the day on 4-3-2008 spreading the love and talking about Good People!!

A Few Good Men (and Women)

Do know any good people? Spread the word, talk about them, blog about them, twitter about them, tag them. Do whatever it takes to let world know that Good People DO exist!