Beer O’Clock Friday Selections! Now On Posterous

As some of you may already know, I like Beer!! And if you didn’t, well, you do now! Not just any beer, but good quality microbrews, craft beers, and foreign treats. You’ll never find Budweiser mentioned here – well… except for that, but it won’t happen again.

A little more than a year ago, I decided to start a weekly Beer O’Clock ritual by selecting a different brew each Friday to feature and share thoughts about it with friends online. Let me state from the start that I am in no way a beer snob, expert, aficionado or anything else along those lines. I just like beer and want to experience as many different kinds as I can and try to learn a little more about the different types of brew along the way. I’ve even tried adding my incredibly amateur opinions / reviews with selections when I can.

Up till now, I used flickr, twitter and facebook to post weekly selections. But now it’s time to graduate to something a little more permanent, so I have set up a posterous page to post weekly selections to. The good thing about posterous is that the Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook updates will still continue.

So, if you like beer and want to check out what’s being featured each week and share your own thought and opinions about them, head over to

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2 Replies to “Beer O’Clock Friday Selections! Now On Posterous”

  1. You have to add the beer from Maine. The first weekend in December, Kennebunk holds the Christmas Prelude. They have beer with a special label. Add to your “to do list” for December of 2010.

  2. @Wendy Gould
    Awesome! Thanks for the heads up about the Christmas Prelude Wendy. Just one question. Which “beer from Maine” are you suggesting. You didn’t specify. It the Prelude like a festival that brings out different beers, or is it mainly just one?

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