Creating Application Shortcuts for Click-Once Applications

Category: Code ModeWhile writing my latest C# .NET software application, the need came to be able to allow users to enable and disable an “auto-start” feature. Users wanted to control whether the app would start automatically when they start their workstation, or log into their accounts, or whether they had to start it manually. The challenge came out the fact that this was a very small application and was being created using VS C# Express and Click-Once deployment. My options were to either manipulate the registry run keys, or create a method to create/delete an application shortcut in the startup folder. I opted for the shortcut solution figuring it was probably the safest and easiest solution (VS express editions have limited access to registry manipulation, not to mention that any keys created through the use of the application would be orphaned after uninstall). Continue reading “Creating Application Shortcuts for Click-Once Applications”