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How To: Fixing CakePHP Broken GET Query Strings

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After getting familiar with CakePHP 2.x for a little while, writing an application, I had a need to perform an AJAX action  using the query string of an HTTP GET request. I’ve done it countless times using straight PHP, ASP.Net, even custom constructed requests from C# desktop applications.  How difficult could it be? After all, […]

How To: Read Only DataGridView Control, C#

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Quick Tip: By Default, DataGridView control columns are set as editable, but in many cases, you may not want your grid data to be edited, or you may want to set your own controls that enable when and how the data get edited. The following C# code snippet will set the DataGridView columns of your […]

WordPress: Use Custom Fields To Add Keyword Metadata to Your Posts

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One of the short-comings with using WordPress is that it does not provide an easy, built-in way to include metadata for your web page descriptions and keywords (and rightfully so). Why Not? The reason is simply that WordPress cannot read your mind. I know it’s hard to believe when you consider what you can do […]

PHP – Break the Web Shackles!

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Over the last couple years or so, my development focus has been on the .NET Framework and C# so, I’m sad to say, it’s been a while since I’ve written any “real” PHP code. I think the main reason for this is that I have been developing more and more desktop applications and less web […]

Creating Application Shortcuts for Click-Once Applications

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While writing my latest C# .NET software application, the need came to be able to allow users to enable and disable an “auto-start” feature. Users wanted to control whether the app would start automatically when they start their workstation, or log into their accounts, or whether they had to start it manually. The challenge came […]