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How-to: Active Directory Authentication with WordPress

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Why Use Active Directory with WordPress? I recently set up a WordPress Blog internally for our company to use over our intranet to help improve communication, collaborate, share and develop ideas, and stay informed about company announcements or current events.. etc. One of the requirements I had was to allow authentication against our Active Directory. […]

Good People Rock!

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On April 2nd, Gary Vaynerchuk (blog–twitter) was hit with a double dose of motivation, posting not one, but 2 videos. His first was a Big Giant Internet Wide Global THANK YOU!! which got him thinking about doing the right thing and helping others and just being a good person. In his own words, “We need […]

How Twitter has changed my life

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Yesterday morning (Feb 13/08), I attended the Social Media Breakfast 5 (SMB5) where the focus of the event was set by a single statement: “How Twitter has changed my life — and can change yours”. The event was hosted by Bryan Person and featured presentations by: Scott Monty @scottmonty Laura Fitton @pistachio Doug Haslam @dough […]