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Intermatic dropping out of the Z-Wave game?

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Keep InTouch? Just read an article on CEPro that Intermatic was pulling out of the Z-Wave market. Intermatic has been one of the leading producers and manufacturers of Z-Wave enabled Home Automation Products.  I have several Intermatic products installed in my home from both the HomeSeer and InTouch product lines and have become a fan […]

Plutohome, Asterisk and a X100P FXO Card

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So I have been working on setting up a fully integrated home automation system available from If you are not aware, PlutoHome is home automation system available to the open source community with features to satisfy everyone from simple home controls, to advanced voip and media integration. My latest venture into setting up a […]

LG will use ZigBee Wireless for LG HomNet system

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LG has announced that they will adopt ZigBee technology to power their HomNet System. LG, one of the leading providers of home appliances and entertainment equipment/devices is lending some much needed support to the ZigBee technology at a time when it’s reliability is being questioned. I will not hide the fact that I am a […]