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The Truth about Facebook, Ads, and Personal Pictures

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Facebook Responds A response to: Debunking Rumors about Advertising and Photos The “Truth” about profile pictures appearing in Facebook Ads (according to Facebook). Facebook reacts to the recent outcry regarding the misinformation about their policy on using personal/profile information for Ads. From the Facebook Blog:  “In the past couple of days, a rumor has begun […]

Intermatic dropping out of the Z-Wave game?

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Keep InTouch? Just read an article on CEPro that Intermatic was pulling out of the Z-Wave market. Intermatic has been one of the leading producers and manufacturers of Z-Wave enabled Home Automation Products.  I have several Intermatic products installed in my home from both the HomeSeer and InTouch product lines and have become a fan […]

RSS: What is it, and how do I use it?

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RSS What? RSS – We’ve all heard about it (or at least should have by now), but may not really understand what it is, what it does, and how it can add value to what we do every day. RSS, originally an acronym for “Rich Site Summary” today is known as “Really Simple Syndication” and […]

5 Tips for better Wiki pages.

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Wikis are great for sharing, documenting and archiving information. We Recently launched one for our company’s intranet to improve communication and allow better collaboration. Because wikis are intended to be an open platform to promote communication and collaboration equally across the organization, we try to encourage everyone to contribute. Unfortunately, I quickly learned that people […]

How-to: Active Directory Authentication with WordPress

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Why Use Active Directory with WordPress? I recently set up a WordPress Blog internally for our company to use over our intranet to help improve communication, collaborate, share and develop ideas, and stay informed about company announcements or current events.. etc. One of the requirements I had was to allow authentication against our Active Directory. […]

Zone Alarm Plus Microsoft Update Prevents Internet Access

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I received a number of call from friends, family, and clients complaining that they were unable to access the internet on Wednesday July 9th. The first one had me puzzled. Running through the typical troubleshooting process. and finally disabeling the Zone Alarm Firewall which resolved the access issues. Then the next call came in with […]

Google Preparing For a Mobile PowerPlay

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Today I learned that Google is testing a new Free Mapping Service that will enable mobile phone users to determine their approximate location and retrieve mapping information without the use of GPS. Google continues to amaze me with their new products, ideas and innovation. The details of how this all works are still unknown to […]